How to Factory Unlock AT&T iPhone 6 and iPhone 7

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April 26, 2017 Tech No comments

Factory unlock your iPhone will help you to work with good network facility and flexible to use. The few benefits that user can get by the unlocked iPhone 7 are minimum international roaming charges and convenient to use all sim cards. People are often searching many sites regarding factory unlock the AT& T iPhone 6 and above version on the internet. There is a huge number of the website available to provide the unlock operations; some website seems to be risky and problem-based. So we provide the excellent facilities and instructions to factory unlock your AT&T iPhone.

Factory Unlock iPhone

Before going to know about factory unlock iPhone understand the process and necessary to it. Unlocked iPhone can be used with any sim card, easy access on abroad and much more. The network companies make a contract with users to lock the iPhones for use only the specific sim, cards for usage. So unlock your iPhone will provide you to access any network sim at any time.

Steps to factory unlock AT&T iPhone 7

  • The first user should check for the network if you want to AT&T unlock you must connect with this network.
  • The device shouldn’t register with any complaints like lost or stolen.
  • If anything registered on behalf of your device your IMEI number blocked. So you have to provide new IMEI account number.\
  • Now follow the process for unlocking your AT&T iPhone provided by the company.
  • Go to the AT&T website and select the brand and logo of your iPhone.
  • Start to fill up the request form by entering the details like the model, country, etc
  • After entering the above details, the company will send you a unlock code to email id or through SMS.
  • Enter the unlock code on your iPhone to factory unlock iPhone 6.

Steps to check factory unlocked iPhone devices

  • Get the IMEI number of your iPhone by dialing *#06# on your device.
  • Enter the IMEI number on the form.
  • Now you receive the status about the factory unlocked.

Benefits of factory unlocked AT&T iPhone 6 and 7

The first thing you can change your sim card and network. Flexibility to access any carries around the world. You can use the same sim card on factory unlocked iPhone for traveling to abroad which will minimize the roaming charge. The unlocked iPhones doesn’t have any restrictions, so the demands for factory unlocked iPhones is enormous. Also, you can get high value for your phone when selling it.

Threats on Unlocking Sim Using Jailbreak

Unlock using jailbreak only last long until the next software update. Once the update is enabled, you have to use the locked carrier again. Sometimes your data which is present on the device may get lost or erased. So in this process, you have to restore your data again. Using jailbreak may lead you to some malware functions which make your device high risk. This also damages your warranty of your iPhone.

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