She Is 23 Months Pregnant

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Woman Claims She Is 23 Months Pregnant And You’ll Be Shocked To Know THIS…

You might aware that there is an embryo which will be developed in women’s womb in the fetus about 9 months. Then there is a lady from Bellingham says that she was pregnant for almost two years. This is really a unique thing right? Even the doctors wasn’t predicted this thing. They say that this is a very unique medical condition. Can you think she is really pregnant for that long time? So, you need to read this story in order to get the things right.

The women’s name is Angie Dellora and she is from Bellingham. The news paper from the United States says that this is the thing which makes people laugh in the web.

Here claim is that she was 23 months pregnant.

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Is it really unique or completely shocking?

She has all the medical reports to make people believe in her. Then she says it’s too over timed, I can’t hold this anymore.

Report from doctor says that the baby she holds will weighs 19 pounds. Even the doctors are shocked hearing this.

Then she must be fat that much!

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